Workshop with Giuseppe Torre

Thursday, February 21 2019 – Classroom 40

Workshop with Giuseppe Torre

In this workshop we will study and discuss how in live performances with digital music instruments (DMI), the use of metaphors may help to validate the relation of cause-effect between the gesture of the performer and the sonic and visual results. The clues of randomness of gesture and sound, definitely not obvious for the audience, are a threat for the intelligibility of the whole permormance. To explore if and how the gesture, intended as an artistic metaphor, could intervene in an usefull way.

In collaboration with Superbudda (via Valprato, 68 – Torino), Thursday, February 21, h-21.00, Giuseppe Torre will perform a live coding session.

Following, the performances of:

MeltingLab sonic performance
Andrea Marazzi – Guitar and live electronics
Enrico Pietrocola – Laptop + electronics
Federico Primavera – Synth + DIY Gear

The work of Giuseppe Torre spans live electronic performances, audiovisual compositions and media art. More recently he has developed a keen interest in the philosophical issues arising from the relationships between art and technology; a process that has so far ledhime to question under what forms and forces truly creative efforts may, or may not, arise. He has performed live and exhibited both nationally and internationally, His academic writings features in journals and books by publishing houses such as MIT Press, Springer and Taylor & Francis. Currently He is Course Director for the BSc in Creative Media and Interaction Design at UL. My research interests are: a/v live performances, media art, coding for arts, critical code studies, philosophy of art.