Stefano Bassanese

bio Stefano BassaneseCoordinator of the School of Electronic Music and professor of:

History of electroacoustic music / Electroacoustic composition / Electroacoustic music analysis / Electroacoustic music interpretation and performing

Stefano Bassanese Born in Venice in 1960, Stefano Bassanese studied electronic music and composition at the Conservatories of Venice and Padua. In 1983 he was invited by Luigi Nono to Freiburg im Breisgau, attending the Experimental Studio of Sudwestfunk as well the seminars of the Institut für Neue Musik of the Musikhochschule. Active as a composer and performer he has partecipated in many international festivals as Teatro La Fenice – Venice, Iniziative Neue Musik – Berlin, ß’ Biennale – Thessaloniki, Zeitfluss – Salzburg, Kunsthaus – Mürzzuschlag, Cluster Neuklang – Weimar, Triduum – Klagenfurt, Teatro Verdi – Trieste, Musica Oggi – Padova, Routes Mediterraneennes – Alger, Venice’s Biennale, Son d’Hiver – Paris, World Music Days 95 – Essen, Ars Musica – Bruxelles, Cité Internationale des Arts – Paris, Atelier Lyrique – Tourcoing, Eclat – Stuttgart, Teatro Verdi – Trieste, Teatro Valli – Reggio Emilia, Philarmonie Essen, Teatro Regio – Turin, Musique en Scene/Grame – Lyon, June in Buffalo – State University of New York, World Music Days 06 – Stuttgart, Musica y Escena – Mexico City, Festival Les Musiques – Marseille, Salle Messiaen at Radio France – Paris, The Extended Piano Festival at White Box – New York City, etc.

As composer he has received several commissions from the National Italian Radio RAI as well other musical institutions as Festival Zeitfluss – Salzburg, GRAME – Lyon, State University of New York, INA/Groupe de Recherches Musicales, GMEM Marseille, etc. and collaborated since 1978 with the CSC (Center of Computational Sonology) of the Padua University.

As electronic performer and sound projectionist he also worked with the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Zòltán Peskó, with the Ensemble Modern contucted by Ingo Metzmacher as well with many composers and musicians as Aldo Clementi, Olga Neuwirth, Claudio Ambrosini, Mauricio Sotelo, Fabio Nieder, Paul Mèfano, Phill Niblock, Carol Robinson, Christoph Homberger, Johannes Harneit, Nicholas Isherwood, Stefano Scodanibbio, Michele Lomuto, Jenny Lin, Benjamin Thigpen and many others.

From 1999 he has collaborated with the composer Mauricio Kagel, realizing the sound of several productions of his music, including the world premiere stage version of the Entfürung im Konzertsaal directed by Herbert Wernicke. He also collaborated with the jazz pianist and composer Uri Caine composing and producing the electronics for Othello Syndrome that opened the 47th Contemporary Music Festival of the Venice’s Biennale.

During 2000-2001 he was in charge of the electronic music productions of CCMIX studios (Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis) in Paris. Co-founder and member of the scientific board of the Luigi Nono Archive Foundation in Venice as well president of AIMI (Italian Association of Music Informatics) since 2014. From 2000 until 2010 he has been teaching electronic music at the Conservartory of Cuneo, Italy. He is actually teaching electroacoustic composition at the State Conservartory of Turin. He lives and work in Paris.

He has recorded for RAI, ERT, WDR, SDR, RTBF, CGD, Nuova Fonit Cetra, Mode Records, Electronic Music Foundation, Winter & Winter.