SMET at TRK. Sound Club

Thursday November 14th 2019, h. 21.00

at Galleria Frittelli Arte Contemporanea, via Val di Marina 15, Firenze (Novoli)

Entrance 5€

The School of Electronic Music of the Conservatoy of Turin, in collaboration with Tempo Reale, presents, in TRK. Sound Club survey, a music production dedicated to the American composer Alvin Lucier (1931)

Gentle Fire (1971)
for transforming sounds
Guglielmo Diana, Matteo Marson, Luca Martone

The Queen of the South (1972)
for electroacoustic sounds, sensitive surfaces, spread materials e closed circiut video-monitoring system
Salvatore Cadinu, Roberto Laterza, Marco Marasciuolo, Luca Pitino, Alessandro Russo, Alessandra Sillano, Manuel Sirotti