The School of Electronic Music of the Conservatory of Turin has been playing a historical role in the evolution of the teaching of electro-acoustic music in Italy since 1968, the year of its foundation. Starting from 2010, the student curriculum has been divided into a first-level (three-year) and a second-level (two-year) academic degree courses. Conceived as an extensive reformulation of the educational offer, these courses provide a curriculum of higher studies consisting of numerous subjects, organized so as to provide students with a broad and complete set of knowledge and skills. The School of Electronic Music gives students the theoretical and practical notions necessary for a deep knowledge of sound phenomena and their creative manipulation, along with the history, theory and aesthetics of music in relation with technology.

More specifically, digital technologies provide powerful material and conceptual tools for artistic creation. They open new, groundbreaking dimensions of exploration of both the nature and the content of musical, visual and multimedia objects, and the creative process itself. This requires a strong commitment to practice-based research, one in which artistic and scientific work proceed in parallel. The aim of this course is therefore to train experts in the use of the most up-to-date technologies applied in the field of musical creation and, in general, artistic. Not only “electronic music”, therefore, but a wide range of cognitive and creative possibilities constituting essential assets for different professional profiles, such as composer and performer of electroacoustic music, computer music designer, sound director, programmer of computer music environments, sound designer (for multimedia, cinema, TV, web sites etc.), designer in interactive multimedia systems, music assistant to production, audio post-production technician, musicologist of the electroacoustic repertoire, consultant for multidisciplinary projects in relation to the environment and architecture.

In addition to the specific teaching, students of the School of Electronic Music of the Conservatory of Turin have the chance to be involved in high-profile artistic productions, attend masterclasses, workshop and seminars delivered by international researchers and artists, and work in the context of an educational network linking the Conservator, the Polytechnical School and the University of Turin.