Renato Campajola

Lecturer of:

Technologies and techniques for audio recording / Technologies and techniques for audio and video editing and post-production / Electroacoustics 2 /Electroacoustics 3

Born in Ivrea on July 15th, 1953, in 1972 he obtained the diploma of electrical engineer with top marks. From 1974 to 1983 he worked at the C.S.E.L.T. in Turin (Telecom Italy research center), dealing with hardware design of high speed transmission systems, mostly working on A / D – D / A conversion systems and data, video and audio transmissions on optical fiber. In the early ’70s he also began to develop an interest in the fields of audio recording and related microphone techniques, specializing in recording instruments and voices in environments with natural acoustics (theaters, churches, auditorium). In 1975 he recorded the first LP for an important label. In 1984 he founded Studio S.M.C. (, recording studio specialized in classical, choral and acoustic music, in which he currently plays the function of studio manager and sound engineer. To date he has recorded over 1,200 CDs for several major Italian and foreign record labels and for SMC Records productions, working with prestigious companies, soloists, orchestras and chamber music groups both in Italy and abroad. The studio develops and adopts its own recording and post-production techniques that, matched with state of the art equipment, allow to reach very high quality standards, offering optimal musical and technical support. Various CDs, recorded by the studio, have been awarded international awards for classical music productions. Since 1990 he has been teaching in schools for sound engineers, particularly on acoustic music recording techniques. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society since 1990. On behalf of A.E.S. and other organizations has been a speaker at multiple meetings, congresses and workshops on the topics of audio recording.