Masterclass with François Bonnet

Tuesday April 3 2019, h. 10.00 – 14.00 (Classroom 40)

On some paradigms of musique concrète: hystory and future.

Exploring the birth of musique concrète through historical elements, basic concepts and problems faced at the beginning of this musical journey, François Bonnet will discuss about the contemporary features of experimental, electroacoustic and electronic music.

Composer and theorist, François Bonnet was born in Liboges in 1981. He is member of INA-GRM since 2007 and since 2017 he became artistic director of it. He is the conductor of the program France Musique L’Expérimentale and he is also the curator of the GRM recollection serie for Éditions Mego. In 2012 he pubblished Les Mots et les sons: un archipel sonore (Éditions de l’éclat), in 2015 L’Infra-monde (éditions MF). He teaches at the Univerity of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. He produces music under the name of Kassel Jaeger. The works by Kassel Jaeger are a complex equilibrium between experimentalism, ambient noise and electroacoustic improvisation.