Masterclass with Alvise Vidolin

May 9, 2019. h. 10.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 17.00
(classrom 40)

Masterclass with Alvise Vidolin – Live electronics in Luigi Nono’s Prometeo: playing techniques analysis

Luigi Nono’s Prometeo is one of the most relevant works from the second half of the XX century, boasting many international executions. On May 2017, during the execution at Teatro Farnese of Parma, the publisher Ricordi realized a temporary version of the score comprehensive of the live electronics parts which could be performed only by Experimental Studio Heinrich Strobel Stiftung of Freiburg before. Thanks to this edition, which is to be released soon, Prometeo can become part of the repertoire, and thus it’s important to study performance practive of the opera. During this masterclass, we will analyze the live electronics parts focusing on the execution techniques and the interaction between traditional players and electronic musicians, with listening from SACD 5+1 of the execution at Parma.

Alvise Vidolin is a very relevant figure for the italian electronic music community. Sound director, informatic musician and live electronics performer, he composed many musical works, performed in theatres and festivals worldwide. From 1974 he cooperates with the “Centro di Sonologia Computazionale” (CSC) of the university of Parma, where he works as teacher and researcher in the field of Sound and Music Computing, studying the potential, composition and execution wise, of informatic technologies amd multimodal systems. From 1976 to 2009 he taught Electronic music at “B. Marcello” Conservatory of Venice and “International accademy of Music”. From 2000 he teaches Electronic Music Performing at “C. Pollini” Conservatory of Padova. He is also a menager and an active member in the scientific committee of the “Foundation Archive Luigi Nono”.