Andrea Valle

Bio Andrea ValleTeaching in agreement with the University of Turin

Music informatics 1

An electric bass player, he has studied composition with Azio Corghi. Since 2009 he has developed projects involving the computational control of physical objects, with a particular preference for common, discarded materials. His work includes also improvisation (with AMP2/IVVN collective and others), sound installations (Milano Design Week, Infart festival) and music for multimedia performances and installations (since 2010 he is extensively collaborating with AntĂșnez Roca). His music has been published by Die Schachtel, Nephogram, Ripples, Studiolo Laps, Solitunes.

With Mauro Lanza, he has composed the cycle System Naturae (Regnun animale, 2013; Regnum vegetabile, 2014; Regnum lapideum, 2016; Fossilia, 2017), for acoustic instruments and electromechanical objects.

He has received a PhD in Semiotics from the University of Bologna, and he is a researcher at the University of Torino, where he teaches Semiotics and Sound programming in the Performing Art programme (DAMS).