A meeting with Yan Maresz

Sunday May26, h. 11.00 -Auditorium of the Conservatory

A meeting with Yan Maresz

Introduction by Andrea Agostini and Stefano Bassanese

Yan Maresz

Circumambulation (1993/1996)
Niccolò Susanna: flute

Cascade for Donna Lee (1996)
Alessandro Vaccarino: piano

In memoriam Jean-Claude Risset (2018)
for synthetic sounds

Metallics (1995)
Eugenio Valle: trumpet
Luca Morino: electronics

SMET – School of Electronic Music of the Conservatory of Turin
in collaboration with:
School of flute: prof.ssa Isabelle Massara
School of piano: prof.ssa Valeria De Bernardi
School of trumpet: prof. Fabiano Cudiz